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Sloppy Sweet Saturday Sex…. Alliteration Union Card Not Necessary

Yep, I am now a card carrying member of the Fuck-Buddy Union, Local 805…. 

Frell, what the frak am I bitching about ? Great, Im swearing in geek speak now.

Its not Love…. its just fucking someone Im in Love with.

She’s fucking Me, in possibly more ways than one.

She broke down and cried for 37 seconds, but questions my ability to handle “this”.

We even discussed having My Attorney to put together a Fuck-Buddy Agreement. Yeah, why dont we just get Married? At least then, she’d get half of my stuff sans Prenup. Im not being completely fair to her in the blog. I am not completely innocent. I have sadly, regretfully hurt her both mentally and emotionally. Ive had several moments of failure when I was not always the educated Renaissance Man I spent My life in the pursuit of becoming.

As for a legally binding agreement? Sometimes I think she doesnt Know Me or Trust Me at all. Yes, I am great for fucking and being intimate on “that” level, but nothing else. Hell, why not just put a hand up My ass, and Im her Muppet…. speak not to Me about pain. Now I am not a mind reader, I just cant help but feel all she wants is a puppet with a plump pecker. 

In all honesty, there’s a lot more to the story. I’ll admit I am being a bit more one sided that normal; a literary Mobius Strip. Maybe there’s something ironic about that description as I reflect a bit more….

The Doctor is IN, wondering about the status of His Sappy Romantic Union Card, Local 508

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